Trailer Manufacturing History
of the Strick Corporation

Strick Corporation was founded in 1937, when Frank Strick applied his knowledge of aircraft engineering to the trucking business. Strick built the first “frameless” monocoque trailer body—a revolutionary development.

Monocoque construction and the use of aluminum rather than steel meant bigger and lighter trailers which meant more freight could be hauled by one truck. Today, that pioneering spirit continues with innovative trailer design and manufacturing techniques that bring you the finest dry van trailers on the road today.

Stricktainer intermodal containerIn the 1950s, Strick played a pivotal role in the intermodal containerization revolution, designing and manufacturing the first steamship cargo container used in international trade, the Stricktainer. During the 1960s, Strick designed and built the Flexi-Van container system for the New York Central Railroad.

Strick Cabunder

In the 1970s, Strick continued to innovate, with the revolutionary Cabunder trailer that made maximum use of the existing weight laws.

Strick Armorplate TrailerThe 1980s saw Strick introduce the Armorplate, the first plate trailer design in the trailer industry. Recent innovations include the first trailer with an aluminum scuff lining that is integral to the wall and a split-wire electrical harness with fewer connection points that results in fewer electrical shorts.

Throughout Strick’s history, we have led the way in trailer innovations that allow shippers to haul to more freight and reduce their operating costs. Contact us today to see what our innovative spirit can do for you!

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