Strick announces upgraded standard features for 2016

Strick Trailers has announced several new features that will be added as standard across all trailer models.

Several changes have been made to the landing gear. Jost’s top of the line A451 Magnum is now Strick’s standard landing gear. The A451 Magnum comes with a 10-year extended warranty, 170,000 pounds static load rating and a 62,500 pound lifting capacity.

Additionally, Strick’s landing gear bracing has been upgraded from formed steel to structural steel.

On trailers with swing doors, Powerbrace zero-torque with 90 degree reach and gather lock rods with rubber grip handles are now standard. The unique design of this over-center cam and keeper allows secure closure of the door when a load is applied against it from the inside. It also provides controlled opening and closing of the door because of its leveraged design.

At the front of the trailer, a 5/16” pick up plate with turned up lip is now standard. The Turned up lip helps protect the front of the trailer from damage when hooking up to a truck. The thicker plate helps to minimize damage and reduce repair costs.

Also at the front of the trailer, the Air & Electric connections have been moved up 4” in order to make access easier. The VIN plate has been upgraded to stainless steel in order to help increase longevity.

On the trailer interior, 18-gauge 12” high corrugated steel scuff is now standard.

On the running gear, KIC drums that are made in the USA are now standard. This furthers Strick’s commitment to source as many components from the USA and Canada as possible.