Strick Group Introduces New Lightweight and TF-1 Drop-frame Trailers

The Strick Group announced the launch of its two latest products, the 100” Lightweight trailer and the 100.5” TF1 Drop Frame trailer. Both trailers are designed to minimize operating costs by being the lightest products in their respective classes.

In an era of increasing fuel costs, our customers are demanding trailers that are lightweight and fuel efficient,” said Steve Burns, VP: Operations of Strick. “We believe the 100” Lightweight is the lightest 53’ dry van currently in production, weighing in at only 11,400 pounds.”

“Since most 53’ dry vans weigh over 14,000 pounds, having a trailer that weighs significantly less allows a shipper to haul more cargo per load,” said Burns. “Additionally, lighter trailers are always more fuel efficient, which is an increasing concern for every one of our customers.”

Learn more about the 100" Lightweight Trailer.

In addition to the 100” Lightweight, Strick has also introduced a new drop trailer with all of the advantages of a standard Strick TF1 dry van. “Just like our TF1 dry van, the TF1 Drop Frame has posts on 24” centers and weighs significantly less than our competitor’s drop vans,” said Burns.

The TF1 Drop Frame has an 18” drop and comes standard with 17.5” wheels. Just like any Strick product, it can be customized to meet each customer’s individual needs.

“What is really exciting, is that the TF1 Drop Frame will provide the framework for the Strick Furniture Van, which will be launched before the end of the year,” said Burns. “The Strick Furniture Van will feature double-slotted logistics posts and the same HDPE lining that we use in the TF1.”

Learn more about the TF1 Drop Frame Trailer.