Strick Updates Unique Captive Beam Trailer Design

Strick Trailers announced the latest version of their popular double decking trailer, the 100” Captive Beam dry van trailer. This trailer is unique in the industry as it features a smooth snag-free interior and a snap-in HDPE lining.

“Most of our competitors offer captive beam double-decking systems with exposed supports that are subject to damage during loading and unloading,” said Steve Burns, Strick Trailers General Manager. “What is unique about the Strick system is that our Captive Beam supports are flush with the snap-in HDPE lining,” he said.

Double decking has become increasing popular, especially in the less than truckload (LTL) industry as a method of increasing a trailer’s useable space by creating a second deck for carrying cargo. With captive beam systems, the beams are not removed from the track when not in use and instead are stored at the top of the trailer. This prevents the beams from being lost or stolen, which can save shippers hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars per year.

The Strick Captive Beam trailer is based on Kinedyne’s track system and works in conjunction with any load bar that is also compatible with the Kinedyne system. The Kinedyne track system is one of the most versatile in the industry as it provides “A” track slots that can be used for additional load restraint.

In addition to the track and the load bars, the final element of the Captive Beam system is the retracting pole, which lets a shipper raise and lower the beams quickly and safely. The retracting pole can be stored on the trailer sidewall or in a slot created with a 48” high rear door corner protector.

“We have been building previous versions of this trailer with a plywood lining successfully for many years,” said Burns. “Our most recent improvement is using .22" thick white snap-in HDPE between the posts in lieu of plywood. The HDPE is much more durable than plywood and provides the trailer with a bright white interior,” he said.