101" Dry Van Trailer


Is the 101" dry van trailer the right trailer for you?

The 101" has 101" of inside width from post face to post face and is our widest model. The 101" features a .45" deep 12 gauge steel logistics post on 16" centers and a snap-in white HDPE lining.

The 101" model has been around for about 20 years. The .22" thick HDPE lining provides excellent durability and provides the interior of the trailer with a bright white finish.

HDPE lining sheets are the toughest material in any trailer and are designed and proven to withstand the rigors of forklift impact. Unlike traditional plywood linings, HDPE is a water resistant “earth-friendly” material made for Strick out of recycled plastic products.

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101" dry van Trailer

Our widest trailer with 101" of inside width post to post

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