It’s Not the Helmet You Think it is!

Strick Trailers, along with Ridge Corporation, are keeping Estes fleet and freight protected! While Strick continues to build a fleet of reliable pup trailers for Estes full-service transportation operations, Ridge Corporation will beRidge Corp Trailer Helmet adding protection to the front top rail and corners from impact damage and providing aerodynamic drag reduction with its new trailer helmet.

Front end corner damage occurs often due to limb strikes and impacts from other trailers being moved around in the terminal lot. Ridge’s trailer helmet is made up of resilient Lorica™ reinforced polymer that absorbs the impact and rebounds to the original position keeping trailer front corners protected and the cargo inside dry.

“Collaborating to deliver solutions for the unique challenges our customers face day in and day out is what we do best,” says Leslie Adair, Marketing Strategist, Strick Trailers. “It’s what motivates us to continue to provide more than our customers expect,” adds Adair.

Taking the Ordinary and Making it Extraordinary!