Strick® Has You Covered

Strick® is pleased to announce Kemlite® Extended Weathering Translucent Roof as its standard translucent roof choice.

When selecting a translucent roof, Strick will default to Kemlite’s extended weathering translucent roof embossed with enhanced tear resistant (ETR) fabric. The Kemlite XLR fabric is one of several translucent roof solutions offered by Crane Composites.

According to Crane, its XLR translucent roof is “engineered to survive harsh environments by combining durability and enhanced weathering capabilities with natural lighting.” Crane also states the “…ultramarine blue tint provides significant light transmission while limiting heat gain in the trailer…”, improving safety and productivity for loading/unloading cargo, a must for today’s fleets.

“When a supplier approaches us with a new or enhanced offering, we listen. When that technology fits with Strick’s product, and makes sense for our customers, we seize the opportunity,” says Justin Bell, Strick Trailers, Director of Engineering.