Strick® Trailers Innovates Above and Beyond

Strick® Trailers Innovates Above and Beyond

Taking the Ordinary and Making it Extraordinary

In February 2020, we unveiled our new Elevator model, a state-of-the-art 28-foot pup trailer, designed to provide maximum freight capacity and savings. This highly specialized trailer is equipped with a groundbreaking internal system consisting of a double drop design and moving platforms that, together, provide increased cargo space for operational efficiency.

“As innovators in custom trailer design and engineering, Strick listens to customer feedback and collaborates with top suppliers to turn emerging transportation challenges and technological trends into innovative designs and solutions,” says Justin Bell, VP Engineering at Strick trailers. “Our commitment to bringing industry leading transportation innovation to the market means we’re positioned to meet the unique needs of our customers in the first-to-last-mile delivery segments, and beyond.”

Bell goes on to say, “One of the challenges our industry has long battled is freight capacity. Not too long ago, 33’ pups were a hot topic; however, legislation to expand trailer lengths never occurred. Our new Elevator model increases cargo capacity by 25%, all within the confines of an existing 28’ trailer. This gain in capacity positively impacts operators by reducing fuel usage and the required number of tractors, trailers, and drivers.”

The new model can be easily configured to meet the unique needs of any operation, offering customers limitless hauling possibilities, including the rapidly expanding final mile and ecommerce segments.

Strick 28 Ft Elevator Trailer

Highlights of the new model include the following:

  • Three (3) free-spanning aluminum platforms inside located, in/above the drop section. Platform configurations can be tailored to meet specific operations.
  • An integral latch system for each platform provides standard dynamic and static floor ratings when stowed/latched.
  • Platform lifting/lowering is powered with four (4) synced 24-volt electric actuators, with integrated actuator overload/unbalanced load protection.
  • Optional side-door configurations.

“Additionally, the unique drop frame body design of the trailer is engineered to provide some of the same aerodynamic benefits offered when using side fairings. This potentially eliminates the need for additional aerodynamic features making it easier to operate the Elevator within the parameters of future emission regulations,” adds Bell.

The engineering behind this model is a great example of our team’s commitment to helping customers with their fleet vehicle needs. “Our dry van specialty product line expansion is a result of innovative collaborations and an intrinsic desire to provide needed solutions” says Bell.

The Elevator™ model is available in 28’ pups, and when paired with our many customized options, provides carriers with an endless array of choices to meet unique trailer demands.