Strick® Trailers Launches an Industry First

Strick Trailers is proud to release the trucking industry’s first fiberglass reinforced composite (FRC) dry van trailer. Strick’s innovative FRC offers an optimal combination of light-weight, durability, longevity, and low-cost maintenance.

The FRC made its debut during TMC’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta, GA, March 18, 2019, creating a positive buzz and garnering favorable feedback. Strick showcased a 53’ light weight beverage linehaul van for regional delivery and a 40’ beverage van featuring an overhead door with lift gate, custom E-track system, insulation package, and Thermo King heater unit for local delivery.

“By means of a new revolutionary sidewall construction process, we’re able to combine select materials to create seamless, snag-free, full-length FRC side-wall panels that are pultruded with a moisture-resistant P.E.T. core that is 100% recyclable. This process guarantees longevity as the panels will not delaminate, and the hydrophobic characteristic prevents “wicking”, ensuring zero water intrusion or corrosion. No other trailer in the market today delivers this unique and compelling combination,” says Justin Bell, Vice President of Strick Engineering.

The FRC is available in any combination from 28’ pups to 60’ linehaul vans providing carriers a customized trailer to meet the demands of daily operations. Carriers can also enjoy interior optional features such as E-track, various cargo control systems, and enhanced insulation packages for greater climate control abilities to meet specific delivery requirements. These characteristics, combined with many other high-end Strick van design specifications, are assembled in Monroe, IN.