StrickVantage Dealer Program

We are excited to announce the introduction of our StrickVantage™ Dealer Program. The new program provides the means for our designated Strick dealers to distinguish themselves from the competition, better promote their craft and business, and to partner with us for long-term support.

“Dealers share a commitment to the highest levels of customer service, education, and standards,” says Strick Trailers President, Stephen Burns. “We are pleased to offer this valuable new opportunity to dealers whose level of commitment is aligned with our own. This is where that unique partnership comes together,” adds Burns.

Strick’s mission has long been focused on designing and delivering innovative and effective transportation solutions for customers. ”With the addition of the StrickVantage™ Dealer program, Strick is positioning a network of dealers to be recognized for excellence in the services they provide and to ultimately achieve greater recognition and success,” comments Burns.

StrickVantage™ offers a variety of support services designed to help our dealers gain market differentiation. Services range from professional development and marketability to exclusive access to live chats and special dealer pricing.

Detailed program information including eligibility, benefits, and application guidelines are available online at