Trailer Interior Options

side scuff

12" X 18 gauge galvanized steel scuff is standard. Strick offers a variety of side scuff options including, 12" X 5/8" black or white HDPE, 12" aluminum, 12" fiberglass and 12" X .75" laminated hardwood. Additional scuff heights and/or rows of scuff are also available.

front LIning

Strick's standard front lining .5" thick Structurewood. Strick offers a variety of front lining options including .5" thick plywood, .18" thick Ecotex and .45" thick white HDPE. Other thicknesses of plywood are also available.

BLOCK FOAM Insulation

Strick is able to provide block foam insulation behind the lining on all sheet and post trailer models. Additional block foam can be added behind the posts in some models and in the roof bows. Cove molding and front interior corner closeouts can also be added to help insulate the trailer/


Both louver style and reefer style vents can be added in multiple locations.

Horizontal E-track system

Can be added for additional cargo securement.

LED Dome LIghts

Can be add in order to provide additional light when loading and unloading.

crashplate: painted or galvanized

A 15" smooth galvanized steel crashplate is standard. Diamond plate steel crashplates either painted or galvanized are also available. Various sizes are also available. 


A 1 3/8" full laminated oak floor is standard. Havco and Rockland composite floors in various thicknesses are available. an aluminum floor is also available.