Trailer Rear Exterior Options

Overhead roll-up door

Composite swing doors are standard on all Strick models, but overhead doors are available for ease of loading and unloading..

48" door track protector for overhead door

48" high track protectors are used with overhead doors in order to protect the overhead door track from damage while loading and unloading the trailer.

Recessed grab handle and step for overhead door

A door handle recessed in the rear corner post and a step are both available on trailers with overhead doors for customers who load and unload trailers by hand.

Non-recessed grab handle and step for swing door

On trailers with swing doors, a non-recessed grab handle is available with a step for customers who load and unload trailers by hand.

Lift gate installed

Strick is able to install both rail and tuck-under liftgates on our assembly line. This allows for a factory finish as opposed to having a third party install the liftgate once the trailer is completed.

Stainless steel rear frame

Strick's standard rear frame is made from carbon steel. The entire assembly is galvanized in order to provide superior corrosion protection. Stainless steel rear frames are also available as an option.

Dual locking bars per door

Strick's standard lock bars are zero-torque with 90 degree reach and gather with rubber grips on the handles for smooth and easy operation. An additional set of lock bars can be added per door for extra strength.

Placard holders

Standard and flip-type placard holders are available.

Pintle hooks

Pintle hooks can be added for doubles operation.