Heavy Duty Structural Options

Additional cross members

Strick's standard setup is to have cross members on 12" centers. We also offer cross members on 8" centers for customers who are loading and unloading with heavy forklifts, and 6” centers for higher loads and/or loading/unloading frequencies.

Additional side posts

Our 99", 100" and 100.5" TF1 models come standard with posts on 24" centers with extra posts over the kingpin and landing gear. Posts can also be put on 16" or 12" centers for loads such as carpet which require additional sidewall support. Our 101" model comes standard with posts on 16" centers and is also available with posts on 12" centers.

Additional roof bows

Strick's standard setup is to have roof bows on 24" centers with an extra bow in the front for racking stability. We also offer roof bows on 16" and 12" centers for use with heavy loading and in areas with snow.

3/8” stainless steel bolts on bottom rail

Our standard connector between the bottom rail and cross members is a 3/8" aluminum rivet. We also offer 3/8" stainless steel bolts for additional strength for customers who use heavy forklifts.

10 1/8" & 12 3/4" deep bottom rails

Strick's standard bottom rail is 8 3/4" deep. We also offer 10 1/8" & 12 3/4" deep bottom rails for customers who load with heavy forklifts .