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Trucking companies, freight companies and owner operators rely on trailer manufacturers to build the most cost-effective trailers possible...trailers that will carry their dry freight efficiently and safely for years to come. They want a competitive advantage and demand more value than ever before. Since, 1937, Strick has dedicated its trailer manufacturing expertise to meeting customer needs by developing new and innovative dry van trailers that can lower repair costs and reduce your down-time.

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Your customers expect your daily operations to deliver undamaged cargo on-time no matter where the load needs to arrive. As demand increases and the market for ground transportation expands, Strick’s complete line of customized trailer systems can provide you with multiple options to meet the ever-changing challenges and help ensure customer satisfaction.


When a one-size-fits-all trailer just wont cut it, a customized trailer from Strick give you everything you need.

Need a Custom Trailer to Get the Job Done?
Strick is Customer-ization…Just Ask!

Strick Trailers can work with you to design a trailer to meet your specific needs.

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