Who We Are

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Where Innovation Meets Value
Strick Trailers, LLC is a leading manufacturer of innovative commercial truck equipment which includes dry freight semi-trailers and converter dollies. We specialize in sheet and post dry vans and produce everything from 22-foot pup trailers to 60-foot drop deck trailers. We focus on providing quality, on-time performance, and product specifications with compelling value. We have introduced countless product enhancements and concepts to accommodate unique customer needs. Strick Trailers, LLC is located in Monroe, Indiana, and has sister companies, Cheetah Chassis Corporation in Berwick, PA, and John Evans Manufacturing Co. in Sumter, South Carolina.

Strick Trailers, LLC…Born in the USA
Strick has a long and storied history in the United States, and we have remained loyal to our American roots. We strive to support the U.S. initiative to bring manufacturing back to peak levels and to keep our economy strong. We may not be a global powerhouse, but our patriotism drives us to support our local economy by building American parts and looking for ways to keep our components sourced within the USA. By m
anufacturing and fabricating a significant portion of our own components in our Monroe plant, we also offer local employment. We care about our country, about being a leader in the industry, and about being competitive.

Our Promise

Strick’s passion for quality and innovation, and our commitment to help each individual customer succeed, is why more and more businesses trust us to consistently deliver the dry van industry’s highest performing products and services.

Our Mission

  • To Promote a Safe and Fulfilling Work Environment where Team Members can Thrive
  • To Understand our Customer’s Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • To Design and Deliver Innovative and Effective Transportation Solutions that Exceed our Customers’ Expectations

Our History

The roots of Strick Trailers, LLC extend into the 1930s, when Frank Strick first applied his knowledge of aircraft engineering to the trucking business. Strick built the first “frameless” monocoque trailer body—a revolutionary development.

Monocoque construction and the use of aluminum rather than steel led to bigger and lighter trailers, which meant more freight could be hauled by one truck. Today, that pioneering spirit continues with innovative trailer design and manufacturing techniques that bring you the finest dry van trailers on the road today.

Strick Corporation was founded in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, in 1966. Strick designed and built the Flexi-Van container system for the New York Central Railroad.

In the 1970s, Strick continued to innovate, with the revolutionary Cabunder trailer that made maximum use of the existing weight laws.

The 1980s saw Strick introduce the Armorplate, the first plate trailer design in the trailer industry. 

Recent innovations include the first trailer with an aluminum scuff lining that is integral to the wall and a split-wire electrical harness with fewer connection points that result in fewer electrical shorts. In 2019, we revolutionized the industry with the first Fiberglass Reinforced Composite trailer, the FRC™, and in 2020, we introduced the Elevator™ trailer, a highly specialized trailer equipped with a groundbreaking internal system consisting of a double drop design and moving platforms that, together, provide increased cargo space for operational efficiency.

Throughout our history as a trailer manufacturer in Indiana, we have led the way in trailer innovations that allow shippers to haul more freight and reduce their operating costs. Contact us today to see what our innovative spirit can do for you!